Lee Ranch Livestock Enterprise
Robert E. Lee Ranch Co. takes
great pride in the genetics that
have been developed over
generations to create hardy
calves that finish well and finish
quickly in the feedlot.

The calves are the result of black
and black baldy cows crossbred to
black Simmental bulls. With careful
heifer and bull selection, the Lee
Ranch has a consistent crop of
calves each year. The consistency
and reliability of Lee Ranch calves
is reflected in the number of
feedlot owners and cattle buyers
that return each year for a
chance to purchase the calves.
The cattle are often
seen grazing with the
resident wildlife animals
including deer and elk.
Robert E. Lee Ranch Co.
Bob and Kathy Lee
260 Blake Creek Rd.
Judith Gap, MT 59453

Fax: 406.473.2380
Email: leeranch@itstriangle.com